New Year’s Resolutions (at the End of the Year)

We’re quickly approaching the last three months of 2019.  Before we know it, a new year will be upon us and along with that, resolutions.  Some of us make New Year’s resolutions at the start of each year… then we fail to follow through.  When that happens, we decide to wait until the next year to make resolutions again. This time around, instead of waiting for a new year, why don’t we take advantage of what’s left of the current year?  We’re at the finish line of 2019. Let’s start where we left off (or maybe even never began) and finish the year off strongly with a 3-month challenge. Did you plan to lose weight? Gain muscle? Read more? Make new friends? Learn a new language?  If you did, but fell off the wagon, now is the time for you to get back on and to focus on your goal for the next three months.


In my case, I’ll be doing a 3-month language challenge. Currently, I’m at an intermediate level of Arabic and I want to improve on that.  My new year’s resolution (at the end of the year) is to focus on building my language skills and to hopefully reach an advanced level.


If you want to work on learning a language in these last months of 2019, join me. I’m starting on Sunday, September 29th and will continue until December 29th, 2019.   The more people that join, the better. If you’d like to join, sign up here, so you can stay up to date. You’ll also receive PDFs of a reflection log and a 3-month learning calendar to help you keep track of your goal. I hope you’ll join me and we’ll all experience growth for the remainder of the year.

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