Interracial relationships and biracial children

Preserving and Revitalizing the Ojibwe Language

On this episode, we’ll be talking about preserving and revitalizing the Ojibwe language. Language death is a big problem in our world today and researchers are looking for solutions to prevent it. These endangered languages can be learned, but it might not be in the same way as learning modern languages. Our guest for the show will be Professor Anton Treuer from Bemidji State University. He is an Ojibwe researcher and professor with more than 18 book titles under his belt. First, we’ll talk about the Ojibwe people in general. After that, we’ll talk about the issues of language. Finally, we’ll look at ways to increase the use of Ojibwe in everyday life. Preserving and revitalizing the Ojibwe language is needed if it is to exist in the future.

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