Interracial relationships and biracial children

Interracial Relationships and Biracial Children During Racial Strife

On this episode, we’ll be talking about interracial relationships and biracial children during racial strife. Being in an interracial relationship and having biracial children can be difficult in normal times. Well, these aren’t normal times. As pretty much everybody knows, the U.S. is going through a very difficult period. Racial strife is the major problem of today. Protests are happening in cities around the country. Interracial relationships and biracial children can suffer as a result of all of this. What positions should they take? How can people in the middle cope? The guest for this episode will share her experiences with us. Being in an interracial marriage and raising biracial children, she’ll tell us how she’s dealing with racial problems of today. You can listen here on the website, or you can follow us on Spotify.

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  1. A very interesting angle on the complicated topic that is race in America. We have to remember that there are nuances and different contexts to every situation. Thank you for the honest questions Bilal and honest answers Nia. Interviews and discussions like this are crucial to understanding one another, and, as the name of this podcast suggests, building bridges.

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