About Us

The world is large, and yet with each passing day, month, and year, it becomes smaller.  In the blink of an eye we can send a message via Facebook, share images on Instagram, make a voice call on WhatsApp, and take a video call using Zoom with people around the world.  Our interactions are no longer limited to those who live in our cities and countries; we’re just as likely to build relationships with people internationally as we are with the person down the street.  With each connection we make with someone from a different background, we become exposed to their culture, their language, and if we decide to travel, their society.  This is what Words and Bridges is about.  We want to bring you the ideas, the stories, the views and life of people all around the world.  Using languages, we plan to bridge people around the world together.  Are you learning a language?  Are you teaching a language?  Do you love stories and travel?  If so, join us as we cross this bridge.

You can follow us on Facebook, email us at wordsandbridges@gmail.com, or fill out our email form here.

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