Can you become fluent in another language as an adult?

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Start learning a new language today!  Whether you want to learn English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, or just about any other language, this course is for you!  Click on the course and enroll today!


The course is perfectly balanced in the theory and practice part. The author explores the four skills to learn a language (writing, reading, speaking and listening) by giving great tips for each section. Besides, I was pleasantly surprised to discover useful tutorials of apps and websites for language learning which I really haven't heard of before! Last but not least, the course help you to structure an effective six-month plan to learn a language. Don't miss this course!​
Maria Gaia C.
I highly recommend this course! It is a complete course that it really helped me to be confident when I speak English. I loved all of the methods, tasks and exercises to improve my listening, writing and reading skills. Now, I'm not scare to make mistakes and I've gained a lot of confidence with my English.
Vannia G.
Language Learner
This course accomplishes what it sets out to do: teach you how to teach yourself efficiently. There is no messing around here. This course offers a schedule built for serious language learners, though dabblers will also find very useful strategies here! I fall somewhere in the middle. My Arabic lessons have stopped since the pandemic, and my aimless self-studying wasn't working. So far I've been trying out Bilal's methods. There are some really great ones I'd never heard of before. Bilal is honest in his assessments of various online and offline tools which saves a lot of time. He explains the online platforms clearly so even tech novices can get it. But the thing I like most about this course is the Bilal's constant reassurance. It makes me feel confident that I am taking my learning in the right direction. Thank you Bilal!
Melissa V.
Language Teacher
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