Immersion without Traveling?

Can you Immerse Yourself in a Language without Traveling?

Traveling to a different country is a great way to experience immersion, but you can create the same opportunity right in your very own country.  After you read this article, you’ll learn how to transform your environment into a place where you can experience language immersion.  

A “Secret Weapon” to Successfully Increase your Exposure

Commit yourself to using the target language (the language that you’re trying to learn) for a certain amount of time each day.

If you were to visit a different country, you might be forced to speak in the language of that country.  From transportation to shopping, you’d have to use the language. In the same way, you should commit to using your target language for a certain amount of time each day in your home country. 

For example, you can commit to speaking the target language for one hour daily. You can also use the language when talking with friends in real life, as well as over the phone or online.  

Two “Magic Methods” of Immersion

Read novels in the language that you’re learning.

How often do you read?  Do you have a book in your hand when you use public transportation on your way to work?  Maybe when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office or for some service, you do a bit of quick reading until your time comes to be served.  Perhaps you read in the evenings or on the weekends at home or in a cafe. If you’re a reader in your native language, why not try to read in the language you’re learning?  You can even read the translated versions of the same books that you’re already a fan of. However, don’t limit yourself to reading only books. Check out magazines, websites, social media posts, all of these in the language that you’re learning.  


Netflix is an excellent way to add to the immersive experience. 

Due to Netflix being an international company, many of their programs are dubbed into a variety of languages.  If a show you’re interested in is dubbed into the language you want to learn, then take advantage and watch the show. 

Three Hacks to Find a Community of Speakers

Create a community of speakers

One problem that you might face is finding people to practice with.  If you’re facing this issue, why not consider creating a community of speakers? Through the internet and social media, you can find people who are like you and engage in activities together.

Trips to the museum, a night at the movies, time together at a café, game night, the options are endless. With everyone in your group speaking the target language during the entire time of your activity, you’ll find regular occasions where you’re actually immersed in the language. In fact, your community will be like a bubble in the world around you.

Go to events where the language will be used

You can also search for events where the language you’re learning is being used. Does an embassy host events for their citizens? Are there any holidays or cultural affairs happening that you can attend? Maybe a prominent person from that culture will be coming to give a talk to his/her compatriots.

Search and find a way to join these events. You’ll be able to listen, speak, and fully interact with the individuals who attend these events and who knows, maybe even strike up a friendship or two.

Regularly organize events where the language can be used

Can’t find events to attend?  Don’t worry, the next best thing is to organize your own. Can you create a meet and greet or a networking event for speakers and/or learners? Could there be a cultural exchange, where all participants use the language, but each speaks with a partner to talk about their respective culture?

Maybe you could talk to a local cinema owner or manager and ask if they’d be willing to screen a movie in that language and then have a discussion afterward. Whatever you do, the possibilities are endless.

Conclusion and a Special Offer

You can immerse yourself in your target language from the comfort of your own home.  If you can’t travel, don’t feel bad. Take the opportunity to make your opportunity. Immersion is only one part of successfully learning a language.  

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