Words and Bridges

Take a Staycation

When you think about taking a vacation, what comes to mind?  Flying on a plane to an exotic location? Visiting Paris, New York, Tokyo, or another famous international city?  Traveling abroad is great and can open you up… Read More


First Week Reflection

I’ve completed the first week of the 3-Month language challenge and I want to reflect on the experience. First, for myself so I can clarify the experience in my mind and secondly for you readers out there. Some… Read More

The Three Month Language Challenge

Just Around the Corner The three month language challenge is just around the corner. On September 29, 2019 I’ll be starting my three month language challenge and I hope you’ll be joining me too. I’m excited for this… Read More


Making friends as adults can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Listen to episode number 3 of our podcast to find out how to find new friends as adults.

Culture Shock!

Is culture shock a must-experience event for all travelers? Not if you come prepared.

Three Reasons why Learning Another Language is a Great Idea

There are many benefits to learning another language. Here are three to add to your list.

6 Ways to Immerse Yourself (Language Immersion part 2)

Want to immerse yourself in another language? Here are some tips.