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World Arabic Language Day

World Arabic Language Day Today, December 18th, is designated as World Arabic Language Day by UNESCO.  On December 18, 2010, UNESCO began to honor the role of the Arabic language around the world.   It also coincides with… Read More


Language Challenge Update #1

Hey everyone!  It’s been over a month since the 3-month language challenge began so I thought it would be a good time to share some updates.  This is language challenge update #1. If you’re new to the blog… Read More

First Week Reflection

I’ve completed the first week of the 3-Month language challenge and I want to reflect on the experience. First, for myself so I can clarify the experience in my mind and secondly for you readers out there. Some… Read More

Learn a Language in 3 Months

Can you learn a language in 3 months? Of course you can! You might not become fluent, but a 3-month language challenge can get you closer.

New Year’s Resolutions (at the End of the Year)

Instead of waiting for a new year for your goals and resolutions, why don’t we take advantage of what’s left of the current year?

The First Word (Episode 001)

In our very first episode of the Words and Bridges podcast you’ll learn about us and what we’re about!

5 Ways to get your EFL/ESL Students to Speak More in Class

Want to bring out the speaker in your students? Here are 5 tips to get them (and you) started.

6 Ways to Immerse Yourself (Language Immersion part 2)

Want to immerse yourself in another language? Here are some tips.

Language Immersion (part 1)

If you travel to another country to learn a language, are you automatically in an immersive environment?