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Review of the book: Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley

On today’s show, we’ll be reviewing the book Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley. If want to improve your memory, tune in to today’s show. If you would like to buy the book, you can do so on Amazon… Read More


Start Learning a New Language by Yourself

***In full disclosure, I have placed some affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon associate I make a commission based on recommendations that are purchased, but at absolutely no extra cost to you.*** As we’ve mentioned before… Read More

It’s Never too Late to Learn a Language

First, let’s start off by me saying that it’s never too late to learn a language. Again, I repeat, it’s never too late to learn a language. Why am I saying this? A few days ago I came… Read More

5 Ways to get your EFL/ESL Students to Speak More in Class

Want to bring out the speaker in your students? Here are 5 tips to get them (and you) started.

6 Ways to Immerse Yourself (Language Immersion part 2)

Want to immerse yourself in another language? Here are some tips.

Language Immersion (part 1)

If you travel to another country to learn a language, are you automatically in an immersive environment?